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We all are aware of the Facebook Login Page. But when Facebook introduced new layout for the facebook users, they have even redesigned the new Facebook Login Page now. This new design of Facebook Login page has come up with more fresh and neat appearance than the earlier dispersed look.

Along with this there is the white background now with the global map that represents the worldwide reach of Facebook. But there are still many users who have not liked the new and redesigned Facebook Login Page at all. The reasons are many out of them the heave-ho of “Friend Finder” option is one that doesn’t allow you to find a friend without getting log-in to Facebook.

The new Login page of Facebook has even terminated the option of “Use Facebook to” for it was looking awkward and clunky earlier. There are few other features added to the profile pages which are really useful.

In fact, facebook phishing pages are extremely alike to the genuine login page of the facebook in which, when you enter your login details with the password after that you will mechanically lead information to the hackers.

The authorized and certified Facebook login page is (http://www.facebook.com/) and it is most excellent to write this in your web browser otherwise utilize a bookmark to bank it. The finest technique to defend next to these to by hand enter the login URL as a substitute of clicking links from e-mails and additional sources.

Lest you desire to login to Facebook on your cell phone, subsequently there are applications for a variety of cell phones like Nokia, and iPhone as well as Windows mobile etc. that can be accessed from here. If you desire to utilize the web interface on mobile, so employ (http://m.facebook.com/login.php) to access to Facebook. Before Facebook accustomed to have a lithe version, however this version of facebook is not obtainable and transmits to genuine page.


  1. Why comment? I just want to enjoy the kinds of things my kids say, “Dad, come look at this!”

  2. Why comment? I just want to see things like those my kids show me.

  3. How can I comment on something I haven’t seen? And what does “moderation” mean in Facebook parlance? Once I know how to access Facebook I’m sure I will make lots of comments.

  4. margaret anderson

    i think i did it wright it ws good to see people in the site and i hope someone likes me

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