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Facebook is a widely used social networking site. To get Facebook Login, you just need to provide Facebook login id and password. The site allows users to create their own interactive personal profile, play games, and post pictures just after getting Facebook Login.

By July 2010 there were almost 500 million users worldwide. Facebook registration and Facebook login is free for users but it charges the advertisers to post their ads on Facebook. Facebook has encouraged many other networking sites e.g. MySpace, Friendster etc. to launch their online networking services. It has even been a marketing tool for the many companies to get connected with new client and generate the leads.

Not only this, but by July 2010, there were more than 150 million users of Facebook, who were accessing Facebook services from their mobiles. Thus, Facebook is one of a very popular way to stay in touch with your friends.

With passage of time we can see that more and more new features are taking place on facebook standard website. You can see three new features available at login page. These are: Language customization, Create Business Page and mobile updates. As language customization is facility which enable users to modify the language of website according to their own facility. Like people from Saudi Arabia mostly understand Arabic only, therefore, this feature enables them to use website without any difficulty of language. The second interesting feature of creating a business page. You can create a business page  by clicking “create a page“ tab and this also help to create page for some band or specific group. Mobile feature of the facebook enable user to access their social network through mobiles.

One more eye catching feature available at facebook is Developer tab. This feature enables million of application developers around the world to develop and share their applications online. This feature was introduced in 2006 and nowadays a portal for many developers to share their skills with people around the world and can get feedback for their applications.


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  2. facebook is awesum…i can communicate with my friends and families eveywhere in the world…thanks for making this blog :razz: :wink: xoxo

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  17. Sms may be the oldest technology at the moment and private and to be honest its a pitty I cant say the same about fb the latest technology. Time to upgrade!

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