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We are here to discuss about the new innovations done on the Facebook Home Page recently.  These innovations are enhanced with the feature to send direct messages from the Facebook Home Page itself. The search box is more centered now on the Facebook Home Page.

The News Feed and Live Feed are the part of News Feed only and along with the “Most Recent” & “Top News” tabs. There are many other noteworthy changes made on the Facebook Home Page and getting tested on number of its users.

But still there are many users suggesting that the users must not be forced to the new design and there should be an alternate for the users to make them a choice for using the New Home page or the Old Home page. The current Home page of Facebook is with the standard log-in page, where the users can log in or register.

The new facebook home page also offers dashboards for applications and games. These dashboards are there to better organize your social and gaming events at facebook. Left side of dashboard is menu dashboard which contains information regarding applications and games. Right hand side dashboards are for advertisement. The only drawback of theses dashboards are whenever you visit any application or game it will generate feed story within these dashboards which will be visible to your friends and family. To avoid this you have to visit application and website privacy settings and select “Activity on Application and Games dashboards” and then select “Only Me”. This will prevent your activities to be visible in your social network.

Seeing your News Feed by friends list:

News Feed is another feature with which many users are not comfortable with. News feed is actually updates of your friends list and activities on facebook. News feeds are generated by friends on feed back which gives you idea what your friends have been doing on facebook.


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  2. Why can’t I see who is on chat on my phone anymore that’s what make Facebook more interesting to me when I have some free time on my hands other than that I am bored.

  3. donald toaltoan

    well iam just one of the person of the toaltoan family who injoys being on facebook


  5. its for me unpossible to login to my facebook because im using my cell number how can i made to login pleaze help me.

  6. i was adding some of my wifes fiends and you block me.you have no right when i know them.So if you don’t mind unblock me. thank you, michael bradley

  7. face book brings smile on faces :razz: :grin: :lol:

  8. :sad: how do u log out of the new format on facebook im not the only one who cant find my accounts menu anymore so whats goin on here?

  9. how do u logout of the new facebook format it wont even let me maximize anymore so whats up.

  10. How do I delete friends of friends of mine on face book. I do not know these people and want to take them off.


  12. i lost my account because i have not been on for 6 weeks be cause my pc was down, how fair is that i want my account back asap.thanks

  13. I can’t access my own Face Book home page or anything else. Is it because I have a new email address? I have attempted changing my email address on Face Book, but it won’t allow me to change. Can you help?

  14. i just joined facebook at 45 yrs old and i already want to never go on again?? found out there are 18 lacey lewis’s yoursystem wont let me add a middle name? no access on your edit page about name change

  15. I would like to apolise for anything i have done wrong on FB,I dont know wat itis and am very sorry.I have only been of it for less than a day,and i feel so lost with out of it;i am vertily housebound and realy love facebook.i love all the games on it they keep my mind alert so once again i;m sorry;
    caitlin ni canna

  16. Marion Campbell

    I have 2 facebook accounts 1 is old it was compromised I don’t remeber the email or the password people think it’s still active

  17. i use to love facebook till they did all these new changes now i can no longer login to it with my dial-up connect. i want it backlike it was that worked so so much better and so did the games why cant they leave well enough alot.

    Has the old say goes if it aint broke dont fix it :mad:

  18. Sally Finnigan

    I want to talk to someone in the Facebook hierarchy about how to extract myself from my account. I accidently got on, and I want to stop. Please help

  19. :cry: I have been trying to classify freinds and my accout will not allow me to its been hard trying to use this acct w timeline. it seems someone tried to hack into my acct and every sincei notified you i cant seem to b able to use. its all most like someone else has control and not me. it also states i have securty issues, i want to hear from someone pls. call me :evil:

  20. Hii lisa u hav to change ur password and make it strong password.

  21. My facebook no log in forget password

  22. i am a member who cannot get straight to my page
    don’t know why?

  23. I have been trying for weeks to access my face book account. I had to open up another account with a different e-mail address to start on face book. My old e-mail address was harold.cage@aol.com. which I would like to cancel Now how do I do that and make face book my home page

  24. The facebook is the best web worldwide that i have ever seen, because its use by about million of people aday.

  25. :lol: i love facebook

  26. facebook has sent me an email with no way to respond.I’ve made several drafts and when I try to reply they say I don’t have the correct email for facebok. could you please send me your correct email address? I’ve tried for a few hours now and it’s getting very frustrating.

  27. I would love to be able to acess ny homepage and learn how to get rid of things that are words that I don’t thimk my grandkids need to see’too many f words and vulgarity that some us don’t care to see. but I’m unable to acess my own account and they are allowed to keep sending me all this trash, I’d like to get in there and clean it up.

  28. I can’t even read my facebook , the print is so small what happened?

  29. My acct. is locked. I did all the suggested fixes but nothing worked. I am 72 @ this is my lifeline to my friend @ family. Please help,

  30. georgette kallberg

    I want my old facebook back

  31. I can’t get onto “facebook”. can you help me?

  32. :oops: :?: :sad: :!: Really disliking this inabilty to log on while my friends are all on. local friends,too. It is oct3rd at 10:18a.m

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