Create Facebook Account For Newbies

Mark Zuckerberg’s has given this world the best invention, the reason why it is called as the best invention is because the website that he created helps people in connecting, knowing what they are doing,sharing all the knowledge and pictures with them. Facebook is basically a online social networking website that allows you to connect with people,family,friends who are not near to you and even if they are, facebook allows you to see what basically is going on in their life. Ofcourse there are many social networking sites that allows you to do that but nothing beats facebook because the company has upgraded their online networking in the most easy and artistic ways. So if you are interested to join facebook, then here are the simple ways that will allow you to build your own facebook new account in the most easiest ways without having any problem.The steps are as follows…

1. Sign UP- The most easy way of using facebook is to make yourself a new facebook account. All you have to do is type Once you are inside the facebook page, you are now given the option of sign up in the below page where you can see all the empty blocks of the given information you need to fill in. You should give your real first  and your last name along with your email address that you use and the rest of the form. Then all you have to do click in the green option of SIGN UP when you are done with the given information filled in those blocks.

2. After all the information, facebook will now be sending a message to your email address you have given in the facebook sign up information provided with a link asking you to confirm the given email address you have provided. All you need to do is to click on that option so that you can now have full access to your new facebook account that is packed with features. If your are signing up to create a business or a product related page on Facebook, all you can do is to go on the top have the option of ”Create a page” in which you can write about the celebrity, band, or business or anything you like but that will only happen if you have made your facebook account.

3. After the signing up process, you can now use your facebook account, You now will be given the option of to import you email contacts to help your friend list which you need to skip it as you can do that later. First you need to fill out your facebook profile before you connect with the rest of your friends as they will receive a friend request when you will send them. Facebook calls it a profile that has a timeline which basically arranges your life in a chronological order and shows all the running list of the given activities you have listed on your facebook profile, On the top of your timeline,there is a large option that called your ”cover photo” you can choose any picture and place it as your cover photo. You can also use any pictures of yours and upload it on your profile picture,Your timeline page will show all the given information about yourself which included your -education,hobbies,work,interests,relationship status.You can fill in all these informations if you want and the rest of the people can check you out on facebook. Soon your friends can also see your facebook timeline and page after they or you accept their friend request.

 4. Connect with friends- After filling your information on your profile,you can now start adding your friends by sending them ”friend request” from the internal facebook message or the email address you are aware of them.Once you have sent the request, if they click to accept your friend request,their name and their profile link will be shown in your notifications and automatically it will appear on your facebook friends list. It also offers various ways to find you friends too. If any friends of yours post anything on your wall or liked your pictures or poke you are anything, it will be shows on your notifications and later you can reply them whatever you want. Also you have the option of privacy in which you can lock your friends and it wont be allowed to see how many friends you have later.

 5. Timeline- On the given facebook timeline, you can basically upload anything you want. If its a music video or a music file or any given view or any picture, you can upload it and all your friends will be able to see it, you also have the options of customizing your friend list in which only you can allow what you need to show to your given friends .You can share your views on the what;s on your mind space and post it so that everyone can see it, comment on your post or your friend’s post etc etc. The timeline does gives you many options and using facebook gets easy if you use it with time to time.It has a messaging inbox where your friend can give you a private message which no one can see except you and you can do the same,that option basically works like a mail id with a privacy.

6. Facebook chat–Facebook has also come up with their own facebook messenger that allows you to chat with your friends on facebook but on a messenger, that messenger can also be used as on your mobile phones and also on your computer.That messenger will show you which friend of yours is online on facebook and you can from there start chatting with them or show them any picture you want or anything.The communication between families living away,friends etc etc has got much better now all thanks to facebook.

7. Privacy- Facebook makes sure that their user loves using facebook and their account be protected, if you want private then you have the options of privacy where you can lock you timeline to the friends you want,you can switch off your search engine where no friend can seacrh you or you can private your pictures that can only be seen by you and not others etc etc.. When you start using it you can do all the settings that you basically thing is the right way to do because later it is shown on your profile.

Using facebook is very easy and its the most simple website where you can connect with all your long lost friends,families,where you can make new friends ,this social website does provide you happiness.Hope you now understood how to sign up on facebook so start using it ..

Facebook For Android

Facebook For Android is one of the coolest applications in any Smartphone running on the operating system android. With this application, you can perform all the actions performed when accessing Facebook from a computer. When you open the application, you get to Facebook’s main page where you can post what is on your mind at that particular time. If you would like to access other functions of your Facebook account, you will just tap at the top left hand side. By doing that, you will have the option to access your news feeds, your profile, chat, your friends, your photos, messages, events and groups. At that point, you can tap on whichever feature you would like to use with your Facebook for android application.

The Facebook for android application can be downloaded from different sites. The most common place to find and download this application is the market. This is a site which allows Smartphone users to access all applications that are compatible with android operating system. All you need to do is open the market, go to communications tab and scroll until you find the Facebook for android application.

You can also click on the search tool available at the right hand side corner of the market main page and search for Facebook for android. Once you have gotten the application, tap on it and click on download. The application will be downloaded and is available on the main page of your Smartphone. This application can also be downloaded form many other websites on the internet for example Android Zoom.

Like all other applications available on Smartphone, Facebook for android application needs regular updates. Keep checking whether the application is up to date from time to time. If it is not, you will click on the update option provided against the application. You can set you phone such that it will update the Facebook for android application automatically. In this case, the application is updated as soon as a newer version of the application is released. Updated Facebook for android application allows you to use the application smoothly and easily.


Tips To Keep You Facebook Privacy Settings Up To Date

Facebook Privacy has been a concern for very many people using this extensive social networking site. Every now and then, you hear someone complaining that their account was hacked into. Of course this is not unusual bearing in mind that Facebook is a huge site that allows for sharing of information across all the users. To ensure that you do not become a victim of hackers, keep your Facebook privacy settings up to date with the extensive features provided by Facebook.
There are several Facebook privacy settings you can make use of to ensure your account is safer. Friends list is one of the features that allow you to control privacy.

You can use this to create small groups and restrict information within the groups. Another great feature of Facebook is removing your name from search option. You can do this by navigating to search privacy settings page and choosing ‘Only Friends’ under the ‘Search Visibility’ option. Make sure to save changes in order for your preference to be effected.

Facebook photo and video tags can be detrimental if you are not able to control who views them. In order to ensure you are not caught off guard, utilize the Facebook privacy settings provided for with photos. Do this by navigating to the profile privacy page and ‘Photos Tagged of You’. From here, choose the customize option and select ‘Only Me’ and ‘None of my Networks’ as the authorized viewers. Facebook privacy settings also allow for you to select the people who can view the albums you have posted. You can use this to filter the people you want to view the content of each album.

Facebook privacy settings also allow for you to restrict news feeds from spreading around your circle of friends. You do not want the end of relationships to be broadcast to all your friends so you can use the Basic Information setting on Profile Privacy page to control this. You can also control who accesses your contact information, who views posts on your wall and who can post on your wall. Use these setting to avoid embarrassing comments that can affect your work reputation.

Facebook Search

Facebook is the leading social networking site in the world today. There are many people including your friends, colleagues and relatives who use this website everyday. You may know some of the people who use the site and you may not know whether others use it or not. To verify this, you can use the Facebook search tool. This tool will help you to get all your friends, colleagues, relatives and former classmates who use Facebook. The tool can be used through several means. The first option is finding friends from your email account.

Supported email service providers include hotmail, Gmail and yahoo. When doing this, you provide your email address, the password and then click on find friends tab which is directly below. That authorization will provide a list of the contacts in your email address.

The second option is searching for friends who studied with. You will click on the classmate search tab available on Facebook. This search tool has spaces that need to be filled; for school name, year and the person’s name. Once you fill the details, you click on the search classmates tab below. The results will include all people who studied in that school in the year specified.

Another Facebook search tool is the one for co-workers or colleagues. You should find the search by company tool and filling the details provided. Once you have done that, click on the search co-workers tab. You will be provided with a list of all the people who work in the specified company. This social networking site also provides advanced search option. This Facebook search tool allows you to search for people with the same interest as you, people from a specified region and according to start sign and birthday. Once you have seen the people you are looking for with the Facebook search tool, you can send them friend requests.

Cityville Facebook

Cityville Facebook is a game which is now available on Facebook. Most Facebook users have been waiting for this game for a long time. When it was launched in November 2010, it became one of the most popular games in the virtual world. In fact, Cityville Facebook got over 100,000 players on the first day making it one of the largest launches ever. Within a month after its launch, Cityville became the application with most active users on Facebook. It broke all the previous records which had been set by Farmville. The number of players has increased to over 80 million players in less than a year. Cityville Facebook started with 80 experience levels which were increased to 90 experience levels and later to a 100 xp experience levels. The name of the city changes whenever you pass each level successfully.

Cityville Facebook is a combination frontierville and Farmville elements and games like lucky train and millionaire club. The game is based on a city called Cityville as the name suggests. The main objective of the game is to develop a city though farming, construction of sustainable buildings and collecting rent. In this case, you will have to farm, build silos and other storage facilities from where you can sell the excess farm produce. The money obtained can be used to construct buildings; both office and rental apartments. Once you have people to rent your houses, you collect rent which you can use to develop the city further.

Once you enroll for the Cityville Facebook game, you become the mayor of the city and your main task is to meet the objective; developing a city. As you play the game, you become more experienced and you gain energy points. These points are refilled automatically as the player climbs up the ladder. You can also gain bonuses as you continue playing the game. This option is provided by the hours you spend working. You are allowed to visit the neighboring cities and perform five different tasks every 12 hours. Cityville Facebook is now available in many versions which include Smartphone, iphone and mobile phone versions.

Facebook Chat

Facebook chat is one of the most popular ways to connect with your friends while you are logged in and the person whom you want to chat with is also available at the same time. One the very right hand side of the Facebook homepage, if we scroll down there is the online people visible at the instant. The green icon with them shows that they are available to chat. In an exception, if you want to be visible as unavailable and offline, there options which you can select. In this mode you are unable to chat to any of the persons available at that time.

Facebook chat is being updated from time to time by the Facebook authorities. In the former chat session if you chatted with a person it was never saved and was automatically deleted if the chat box was crossed or when the chatting session ended.

For some people it was a disadvantage because there valuable information was gone and to keep it safe it had to be saved along. But for some people it was a huge advantage that their chat box cleared themselves and they had no privacy issues.

The latest Facebook chat application saves your every single chat that is done by you and the other person, your every chat history is saved side by side automatically. It can be found by the name of the person with whom you were chatting under the messages drop down option. In this application you can even send message to the person from his chat box even if he currently offline.
This app has also a side bar where all of you friend list is visible and those who re online, there is a green icon along with their name. This is not liked by the people as it takes time to search online friends.

Details on Facebook login help and troubleshoot

Living in an age of technology where food can be prepared in minutes with the invention of microwave, quick preservation with the help of latest devices available, the development of internet has opened reliable means of communication. With each dawn of the day, technology journals are replete with information regarding social networks, their daily and monthly turnaround, user’s dependency and effectiveness in connecting one end of the globe with another. Facebook appeared as a small community social network at Harvard University, have received great recognition in internet world.

Facebook – a social network, offers a customer friendly interface, where a user is required to type his email and password and get connected with hundreds of his friend just with the click of a button. However, it sometime gives hard time logging in to it when there is internet problem or the user types in incorrect details that do not match with the database information. In such cases, the user is presented with an access denied error. But it does not leave its dependents in air, it does provide useful suggestions how to bypass the error and get connected with friends and family instantly.

Along with the benefits offered by social networks, it brought down layman to the status of non-entity and the natural feelings of hatred started among the technologically advanced and non- technical group
Among the suggestions it offers, one of the most effective is to utilize the FORGOT PASSWORD functionality. It prompts the user to provide email address to which a new automatic generated password will be immediately sent.

Another method of trouble shooting is that you consult their support staff by writing them with the error details and your credentials. However this method is not as instant as it is supposed to be, but due to the large amount of inquiries which Facebook receives daily, it took couple of hours until your problem will be fixed.
Besides above two apparent suggestions from Facebook, it’s always a good practice to store your electronic credentials at multiple places, so you are not devoid of required details at the eleventh hour. There are some useful websites which offer this functionality of storing your electronic data including usernames, passwords and email information on their file and can remind you on request with proper identification.

In a nutshell, the advancement in technology has not only revolutionized the world by dumping consumer’s mind instead it provide ways how to recover your lost and forgotten information as well.

Facebook Games

We all are well aware of the most popular social network nowadays that is Facebook. People not only use Facebook to keep themselves in touch with their friends but also use to share whatever you like that can be a picture, video, song or any online stuff you want to share with your friends. One more fast growing social activity in cooperated by facebook is Facebook games.

Facebook games can be played with several players, with your social friends and can help people to engage themselves in healthy mind relaxing activities. These games are created by facebook users and thus provide them with chance to share their technical abilities with their friends.
First thing to create a game on facebook is it should be endless quest and should give some objective to user to achieve. These objectives can be in form of points, rewards etc. To create a game you have to have a sketched idea. This idea should have objectives of games, levels and users interaction.

Secondly, you will need the graphics and programming skills to make your facebook game. This will include programming in HTML and CSS which will allow creating user interface. Java scripting will provide user interaction methods. Java script for client side and PHP for server side. MySQL will serve as a database system to store information regarding Facebook game.

When you are finished with creating game you can submit your link at facebook and afterwards promote it through different methods. Some popular games on facebook are Farmville, Cityville, Treasure Isle and many more.

Building Facebook Applications And Attracting Users

Faebook a social networking site is expanding its horizon day by day. Once it was used only to keep yourself updated about your friends and share pictures online. Through this website people came to know people in different part of world and mutual interaction has been enhanced. But with passage of time facebook is offering more services to their clients so that it can be not only a recreational activity but also can help people to share their skills and interest.

Facebook application is another such aspect of facebook standard website. Facebook application is a feature which help creator to display his skills all over the world and gives recreational activity to users. The main aspect of creating a facebook application is to have skilled programming.

The application you built can interact with existing features of facebook like news feed and notification etc. The technologies like Social plug-in, Graph API and platform dialogs are available to applications at
You can develop your application in any programming language like PHP, Java, C# etc. These applications are then loaded at the canvas page which will contain canvas URL of application in HTML, JavaScript or CSS that makes your application. Also before setting up a Canvas URL you have to register your facebook applications which will conation basic information about your facebook application.

As application will be loaded in context of facebook, you must look out for some design constraints for user interface. Your application may need to access users information which can be obtain by users authorization. You can build your application through several programming guides available on internet. One other way is you can have a custom built application which can be costly but certainly will be unique. Second other way is to buy turnkey scripts which are available to general public on lower rates.

After creation of application second step is how to introduce your application among users. This is facilitated by facebook, if users allow application to access their personal information and invite their social group through invitation. Secondly by posting the results at wall post like that of quizzes, horoscopes etc other users will attract to these applications. These are viral features of applications and after obtaining 10 users one can register his application in facebook application directory. These all are methods for promotion of your applications and skills.

Facebook Layouts

Nowadays everything is changing around us. From simple candies to shopping bags people are trying to enhance their experience by adding colors, textures and themes to their lifestyle.  We can see that a 5 year kid also want his room decorated with some theme colors like of cars, Barbie dolls or whatever their interest are.

Therefore, the most used social networking sire facebook also have considered this ongoing trend and introduce the feature of layouts to their website. Now people can change their facebook page according to their interest. You can access many different themes and layouts for your facebook apart from facebook website. There are many other websites which are offering many downloadable layouts and themes for facebook.

Now question is how to do this? To altar your style on facebook all you have to perform is search for the layout or theme you want. Then download that lay out and it will simply apply itself to facebook standard page. This is for simple browser. But there is another way of doing it if you have add-on for Mozilla Firefox which called stylish. So here you don’t need facebook application to change your style. For this purpose just install add-on stylish with Firefox and then go to Facebook style page and choose your favorite style. Click install with stylish. Then just access your facebook main page and see the outcome.

Therefore it can be done in many ways but does not require and hard and fast technique. So now you can enjoy your facebook with different styles which include backgrounds, themes, colors, pictures and do on. Enjoy facebooking:).